Siapa Miftahany?

Miftahany adalah nama keluarga, dari sepasang suami istri bernama Miftahul Hidayah dan Husnan Achmad Samhany.

Miftahany, kalo pake definisi yang dipaksakan (wkwkwkw) berarti kunci kebijaksanaan (miftah = kunci; samhany = kebijaksanaan). Doain yaaaa…

Miftahul Hidayah (the wife), Pipi
precious and brave | pluviophile | introvert | eager learner | islamic – child well being – neuroscience | curious | science-art addict | mental health enthusiast | try to cooking | HAS’ mom | grow at FIM6, Siaware 16, STV, YKBH, @semai2045 | making things @kancil.emas

Husnan Achmad Samhany (the husband), Husnan – Helmy
lovely and patient | pluviophile | introvert | eager learner | islamic – technology – IT | humble | easily fall asleep | love eating | eat what the wife cook | HAS’ dad | grow at PAU ITB n Versatile Silicon | CTO of Fusi Global Technology | CEO @kancil.emas

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